#5: Pelosi says House will draft articles of impeachment



#4: Food stamps will be harder to obtain under new Trump rule



#3: Trump calls Trudeau “two-faced,” cancels NATO press conference



#2: Flu season takes off quickly in six states



#1: GOP Senator Isakson called for bipartisanship in farewell speech


#5: Pro-democracy camp wins landslide in Hong Kong vote


#4: New Jersey hospital gives kidney to wrong transplant patient



#3: Bolivia OK’s new vote to replace Morales, but date not set



#2: The US-China trade war isn’t getting better



#1: Trump likely to reject Democrats’ offer to appear in impeachment inquiry hearings


#5: U.S. Supreme Court puts temporary hold on Trump financial records fight


#4: UAW president resigns after GM alleges union leaders took bribes



#3: Lawsuit claims Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers are contaminated by meat


#2: Climate change: Arctic ice could vanish by 2044


#1: Pentagon official indicates Ukraine knew about aid delay far earlier