Audioburst unveils Studio, an easy-to-use SaaS platform that brings the best moments from podcasts and talk radio to third-party apps and websites ✨


Audio is experiencing nothing short of a modern-day renaissance.

Digital audio listenership is up, podcast popularity is growing exponentially, and more and more consumers are discovering the value of voice assistants and smart speakers.

Add to this the fact that, unlike text and video content, podcasting and other forms of talk audio are innately portable with the ability to be consumed during hours that up until now were content blackouts (or non-media hours) such as work, gym, and commuting. (Heidi Cohen)

Given audio’s move to the forefront of today’s content landscape and its direct correlation to increased engagement across devices, it’s no surprise that many brands are starting to consider the addition of audio in their marketing strategies.

Of course, implementing an audio content strategy as a larger company is less of a challenge — perhaps you spin up a podcast or create a new app or skill for your brand.

But what about individual webmasters and app developers?

How can they leverage audio to enhance their user experience or increase time spent on-page (or in-app) without breaking the bank?

We’re excited to announce that as of today, we have a solution:

Introducing Audioburst Studio, your free one-stop shop for integrating short-form audio content playlists filled with the best moments from podcasts and talk radio directly into your web or mobile app experience.

Bonus? No coding required!

How to create and integrate an audio content playlist (and player) in less than 10 minutes


1. Choose your industry

We’ve laid out a few preset industries that lend well to audio, but we know that when it comes to big ideas and innovation, thinking outside of the box can be how the magic begins.

So if you’re something special (ie. you don’t strictly identify with the other options ) we have a choice for you too.

2. Next up? Select a playlist

Our AI has cooked up 14 specially curated playlists that are full of fresh, smart, interesting, and sometimes wacky audio content. Depending on your chosen industry, we’ll suggest the three playlists we think your audience will fall for.

For instance, ‘Navigational’ apps may choose our ‘Success here I come’ playlist, a selection of unique content to get your users where they need to go, both literally and figuratively, plucked from topics such as:

  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Financial Advice
  • Mindfulness
  • Business Development
  • Real-time Local Traffic Reports

3. Or build your own!

If you’re feeling creative, we’ve also added the ability to craft your own personalized playlist from 100+ categories and topics.

Choose from subjects like world news, sports, or true crime to style a listening experience tailored specifically to the interests and hobbies of your users.

4. Choose where you’d like to publish your playlist

Playlists and players generated in Audioburst Studio can be deployed on both websites and mobile apps, with integrations for Amazon Alexa and Google Home slated for release in the near future.

5. Take your playlist for a test drive

You don’t buy a car without test driving and the same is true for your playlist and player!

Give your playlist a listen and see how our pre-made player might look as part of your site or app’s user interface.

Audioburst Studio SDK Simulation

6. And we have liftoff!

Deploy your newly minted player through the use of either an embedded player or via a mobile SDK.

If you already have a player that you know and love, no worries -use our APIs to introduce Audioburst functionality to your existing design aesthetic.

Democratizing audio

Whether at home browsing a favorite website or blog, catching up on entertainment news while sneaking in a workout, or looking up traffic conditions while in-car, Audioburst is working to make sure audio content is always available whenever and wherever your users want it to be.

“What we’re doing is democratizing audio — giving website and app owners a way to deploy highly-curated and targeted talk-audio playlists that will provide growth, monetization, and user satisfaction.”

– Rachel Batish, VP Product @Audioburst


Join Audioburst in our mission of connecting users to the world’s audio content… we promise you’ll like what you hear.

Getting started

Build your first playlist! 💿 🕺

Ready to boost engagement on your app or site by building your users’ audio playlists filled with the best moments from podcasts and talk radio?

Have feedback? We’d love to hear it! 🤓 🔨

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