Audioburst selected as one of the first apps on Google’s Automotive Infotainment System



Psst…drivers, get excited — this announcement is for you!

In July 2019, we introduced Audioburst Auto, our initial solution for the Android Auto platform. Chock-full of features like topical playlists, voice control, and even a personal news feed, Audioburst Auto brought the best of talk audio in-car for the first time.

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been working on advancing our commitment to in-car audio experiences, and today, we’re excited to announce that the Audioburst app is one of the first to launch on Google’s Android Automotive OS.

Now Playing / Audioburst on Android Automotive OS

Taking in-car experiences to the next level

The arrival of Google’s auto-focused operating system means that the days of being tethered to your phone while on the road are over! With native versions of Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store, even if you forget your phone at home, you can still access apps like Audioburst directly from your car’s infotainment screen.

The ability to run apps natively, however, is more than just handy.

Pulling in content via Bluetooth or a cable doesn’t compare to a native app, performance-wise. Developers are no longer trying to build apps whose functionality can hopefully be passable in-car. Instead, they can use Google’s Android Automotive OS emulator to build an optimized experience that looks good, feels natural, and caters specifically to the needs and wants of the driver.

In addition, by transitioning to a standard operating system, automotive companies are free to focus on the car, leaving the job of designing cutting edge, entertainment, navigation, and voice technology to developers and brands whom users already trust and associate with quality. Carmakers can, however, customize the UI, ensuring their infotainment systems maintain a familiar feel.

Personalized Playlist / Audioburst on Android Auto OS

Both the new automotive OS and Audioburst app were debuted last week at Android Dev Summit. In addition, leading automotive manufacturers such as GM and Volvo are already working with the technology.

In fact, the new Audioburst app was spotted in the wild (along with the likes of Spotify, NPR1, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music) at the recent Volvo XC40 reveal event as part of the infotainment system demo.

The choice to demo the operating system’s capabilities through the use of audio-centric media apps is important to note. It illustrates the importance of audio, both music, and spoken word, to the driving experience. While games, videos, and the selfie may reign supreme on mobile devices, in-car, they can’t hold a candle to the hands-free, vision independent ease of audio.

Leading the charge

While every product release is special, we’re feeling energized by the innovation surrounding the next generation of in-car entertainment.

“It’s such an exciting time for the automotive space. People are constantly on the move and our busy lifestyles call for technology that can keep up. Having access to your favorite apps and entertainment in-car is a must, and we’re happy to help lead the charge in making that happen.”

— Rachel Batish, VP of Product at Audioburst

The next time you hit the road, hit the road with Audioburst…you’re going to like what you hear!

Audioburst launches Audioburst Auto, bringing real-time talk-audio to the Android Auto platform


If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with the driving experience, it’s audio. From podcasts to the AM/FM dial, drivers love to tune-in while running errands, commuting, and taking road trips. However, right from the beginning, it posed a problem: distracted driving.

In the early days, we had to squint at the dial as we searched for a channel. Today, we have glowing electronic screens with even more information. Radio stations, song titles, episode names, album cover art…it’s a lot to digest.

(Especially for someone who is supposed to be driving!)

At Audioburst, our goal is to make sure that listeners can safely access the world’s talk-audio, anywhere, anytime, which is why we’ve developed our newest consumer-facing product, Audioburst Auto.

Audioburst Auto is an app created for the Android Auto platform, designed to provide expertly curated playlists, a personalized news feed, and search capabilities to the on-the-go listener. All features are built using Audioburst’s innovative short-format approach and are completely accessible via voice command.

A closer look at Audioburst Auto


A playlist for everyone

When you’re behind the wheel, your job is to get where you need to be safely.

Our job is to entertain!

Audioburst Auto offers a selection of curated playlists, all hand-picked by our resident team of audiophiles. There are playlists that set you up for success such as BusinessTech, and World News; playlists that aim to delight such our Entertainment playlist; playlists that offer smart, quirky content such as our ‘Off Beat’ mix; and playlists that relay the latest plays and trades, like Audioburst Auto’s Sports feed.

Let’s get personal

While many smart-speakers and voice-assisted apps play a generic ‘news briefing,’ Audioburst allows you to have complete control when it comes to building your very own personalized news feed.

Pick and choose from a wide array of topics, ranging from content from our curated playlists and trending searches to the latest in news and entertainment. Even add your own keywords to the mix to make your playlist uniquely your own.

Whether you just need a quick update on today’s top stories, or you’re desperate for real-time Justin Bieber alerts, we’ve got your back.


Ask us anything

Sometimes you want to know what Kanye West has done now, while other times you may need the current traffic report for New York City.

Either way, Audioburst Auto has the answer.

Audioburst’s AI-powered search and discovery platform takes your question and returns fresh, relevant short-form audio results sourced from thousands of podcasts and radio broadcasts.

When you need information on-the-go, “talk to Audioburst” Auto.

Just the facts

The Audioburst Auto experience focuses on our signature audio ‘bursts’ — short-form audio snippets that capture the best moments from long-form talk-audio content. Bursts ensure that the experience delivered to listeners consists only of the content they want with no fillers.

With bursts, drivers don’t need to divert their eyes from the road to fiddle with a radio dial or fast forward to a specific timestamp in a podcast. Audioburst Auto surfaces the content that you want, when you want it, freeing you up for the task at hand.

“Bringing Audioburst’s short-form focus in-car is a no-brainer. No more pressing buttons, no distracted driving, just quality talk-audio content whenever you need it.”

— Rachel Batish, VP of Product, Audioburst

Download + Drive

Ready to take Audioburst Auto for a spin? Download Audioburst Auto from Google’s Android Auto store and “talk to Audioburst” today!

If you’re like us, you can’t believe that 2018 is already coming to a close. The past year was a whirlwind of growth for the voice-first industry. Voice Assistant adoption has increased across all devices from smartphones to smart speakers and is only expected to grow in 2019. The proof is in the numbers:

  • Smart speaker usage in the U.S. rose to 22.9% of the adult population (read: 57.8 million people)
  • As of September 2018, U.S. households average 2.2 smart devices, up from 1.8 in January 2018
  • Though smart speakers are on the rise, smartphone use of voice assistants is still king with 90.1 million monthly active users (

With such staggering stats, it is also interesting to take a look at what users are looking for when conducting voice searches.

Us here at Audioburst see the current voice market as full of potential. We spent 2018 developing meaningful partnerships, data-driven products, and growing our company to meet the needs of a global community that is hungry for a more dynamic, contextual, and personalized listening experience.

It was a phenomenal year, and we wanted to take a moment to show you just what we’ve been up to over the past 12 months.

Creating a Voice Ecosystem: A Look at Partnerships and Funding

In this world, you’re nothing without friends. In 2018 Audioburst was proud to announce a host of new strategic partnerships that further our mission of providing companies with the ability to create a more personalized, relevant, screen-free to take audio experience for their customers.

Here are a few of the new collaborations we formed this year:

  • HarmanIntegration of Audioburst’s technology into the Harman Ignite Platform, providing drivers and passengers with access to our extensive audio content library as well as a new personalized “Commute Channel” created on-demand for each listener based on listening identity and driving situation.
  • SamsungAnnounced plans to bring Audioburst Search and our brand of customized on-demand audio to a host of in-home products, beginning with Smart TVs.
  • Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Joined together with Nippon Broadcasting to begin the process of localizing Audioburst technology for the Japanese market.
  • TopBuzz / News Republic (Bytedance) / Radioline – Introduced the Audioburst listening experience to these popular platforms.
  • LG ElectronicsUnveiled plans to partner on in-car infotainment, an experience which will feature our latest product offering ‘Audioburst Deep Analysis.’ Expect to hear more about this at CES 2019!

In addition to these strategic partnerships, our financing also rose to $14.4 million through investments by Samsung Ventures ($4.5M) and Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. ($3M).

There’s No “I” in Team… or Product!

Everyone at Audioburst works hard, but we want to hit pause and give a heartfelt shoutout to our Product and R&D teams. They figure out what the market needs before companies even know they need it and then they translate that into innovative and cutting-edge products for the smarter consumption of audio.

While the list of accomplishments for 2018 is quite long, here are some of the more notable items we launched this year:

  • Audioburst Creators – A platform for content creators containing powerful tools for increased distribution, monetization, and promotion of their content.
  • Audioburst Search – We launched Personalized Playlists and updated the site to allow for search by both ‘burst’ (aka bite-sized audio clip) and ‘show title’.
  • News Feed Skill / Action – Debuted local weather and traffic features, as well as introduced the ‘Personal Playlist’ to the News Feed experience.


  • Audioburst APIs – Announced LG Electronics would be the first to utilize our newest product offering, ‘Audioburst Deep Analysis,’ an API which adds an additional level of metadata categorization and provides a more in-depth understanding of the content being searched for and enjoyed in real-time.

Gaining Momentum: Stats, Growth, and Culture

On a lighter note, we want to share with you some stuff we’re excited about, including accomplishments we’re proud of, our new digs spanning multiple continents, and a few funny bursts that made us smile.

  • New locales as a springboard into new markets – As part of our global expansion, we opened our first offices in New York and Japan, as well as found a new location for our home office in Tel Aviv.

  • Content that goes off the beaten path – You’re probably familiar with most of our content categories, such as Tech, Business, Entertainment, etc. However, you may have missed our newest addition, the ‘Off Beat’ category, bringing you audio that is fun, quirky, and fresh.

We asked the team to share a few of their favorite ‘Off Beat’ bursts from 2018. Check ‘em out!

‘Emotional support’ squirrel and owner ousted from flight:

The Worst Robbers in Belgium:

MIT researchers use Reddit to create the first “psychopath AI”:

And that’s a wrap!

With 2018, winding down, we’ve already set our sights on busy 2019: new and exciting partnerships are soon to be announced, localization of our technology into additional countries and languages, product and feature launches, fresh content sources on the platform, and much, much more.

Our compass points us towards the manner in which we can best help our partners serve the needs of their users. The push to an innately personalized, contextual, data-driven experience is the clear and distinct path forward. In an era of multi-tasking, consumers of content are stingy with their attention. What they choose to ingest must clearly add value to their lives. Content must be relevant to the individual, easily accessible, and to the point.

To fully realize this requirement, a company’s relationship with their customers must be an intimate one. As voice and smart technology continue to embed themselves into our everyday lives, from phones to cars, to microwave ovens, companies are gaining the insights needed to finally build that type of deep bond with their users.

It’s an exciting time for both companies and consumers alike; a promising future lies ahead!


LGE is the First to Integrate Audioburst Deep Analysis API for Live Audio Streams


After several significant partnership announcements throughout the past twelve months (Harman, Radioline, Top Buzz & News Republic, and Nippon Broadcasting), Audioburst is closing out the year with a bang as we announce our latest product offering, Audioburst Deep Analysis, and as part of this offering, our first collaboration with LG Electronics (LGE).

Our two companies are teaming up to build the next big thing in in-car infotainment centers for leading automakers. The experience, which is still in stealth mode, is built upon our new Deep Analysis API, which adds an additional level of metadata categorization and provides a more in-depth understanding of the content being searched for and enjoyed in real-time.

“Automotive makers are seeking to redefine what in-car infotainment looks like alongside the progression of voice search, in-car personal assistants, and autonomous driving,” said Vice President Lee Sang-yong, Head of LGE Vehicle Infotainment System Research Lab. “ We are excited to lead the charge in developing the new gold standard and be the first to partner with Audioburst’s technology, which we will proudly debut to select partners at CES.”

“LGE is known for building innovative in-car infotainment systems, and today’s partnership showcases what’s achievable when the brand comes together with Audioburst’s unmatched AI technology to reimagine in-vehicle entertainment like never before” said Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Audioburst, “We are excited to introduce Audioburst Deep Analysis and collaborate with brands to better understand consumer behavior and listening experiences.

In January more details about the new Deep Analysis API will be unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas — We hope to see you there!

For media inquiries, contact Jaimen Sfetko at: