Amazon echo vs dot vs tap - which one to buy

Are you planning to get Amazon Alexa into your life but not sure which device you should buy? We’re here to help with the Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot conflict.

Did you know there are 26 Amazon Alexa easter eggs for Star Wars fans? Get ready for Star Wars: The Last Jedi by chatting it up with Alexa.

Are We Ready For Connected Cars?

2016 was the year when “smart” homes went mainstream. We got used to living in a world where any device in your house that is connected to electricity can be placed on your home network and operated by voice commands or remote control. Your home automation operates lighting, your home entertainment systems, security, and thermostat. […]

Think you know your Amazon Alexa? Then think again. Here’s a list of 124 hidden Amazon Alexa gems you probably don’t know – and should try, right now!

Mark Zuckerberg Jarvis

Were you wowed by Mark Zuckerberg’s demonstration of his smart home system, Jarvis? Now, you can set it up at your house for under $1,000!

What will be the hottest trends in IoT in 2017

2016 was huge for the ‘Internet of Things’ space. What was once an obscure futuristic vision has gone mainstream and even affordable. In 2014, the Internet of Things was just a phenomena to look out for. Now, only two years later, it seems like it is already here and it’s revolutionizing almost every area in […]

Christmas time 7 smart home devices that make for great gift

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday play are any indicators for market demands, than devices for smart homes are about to dominate the Christmas season. Not so long ago, if you wanted to have a connected house (or smart home), you had to pay quite a sum. These days, it’s easy to setup your own […]

Smart Home How to Create Yours On a Budget

I’ve been wanting to create my smart home for quite a while, but I found myself frustrated with pricey and complicated home automation devices. Not only did I have to spend thousands of dollars but the devices did not communicate or were compatible with each other. I knew I wasn’t going to give up on […]

Top 20 Alexa Skills

Are you still trying to understand how you can get the most out of Alexa? If you are – good! Here’s why you should make sure you’ve added the crème de la crème Alexa skills to your account. There are three things that have truly differentiated Alexa from every other voice assistant: The availability of […]

7 most popular uses for Alexa

It’s time for you to take your relationship with Alexa to the next level. Whether you’re already using Alexa or you’re still not sure whether you should buy an Amazon Echo or not, these 7 uses might help you make up your mind.