In the modern world where we have access to whatever music and audio we like on demand, it’s crazy to think that just over 160 years ago none of this was possible. Whilst today huge libraries of audio content (like Audioburst’s) exist, there used to be no recorded sound or audio at all as technology […]

Audioburst is forging the way for innovative audio content integration, enabling voice search and a personalized listening experience within any product.   Audioburst is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a 2018 API Award winner in the category of ‘Best in Media APIs.’ Consisting of 20 categories and judged by a panel […]

Audioburst chosen as a 2018 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner Audioburst leading global voice search technology and on-demand listening experience   July 02, 2018, Los Angeles, U.S. – Red Herring announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2018 award, recognizing the continent’s most exciting and innovative private technology companies including Audioburst, […]

Get more from your audio content! Audioburst allows broadcasters and content creators to easily reach out to a wider audience and engage new listeners –Transcribe, Clip, and Share your audio content for Free. Just enter your RSS feed and we’ll take care of the rest!   Getting Noticed It wasn’t so long ago that becoming […]

Everyone knows that storytelling is the oldest form of an educational aide. Parents and grandparents passed down history and information from one generation to the next. However, through time, the delivery method of these stories changed. From direct word of mouth to books, then onwards to TV, video and beyond. With so many mediums to […]

We’ve assembled five well-known podcast networks you can use to find your next favorite show.

Audioburst and Harman have been working together to enrich Harman’s automotive user experience with Audioburst’s on-demand audio content. As a result of the two companies working together, Harman automotive users will get to experience truly personalized and real-time audio from Audioburst’s colossal audio content library in a variety of ways through Harman’s Ignite platform. How […]

Audioburst and Radioline are thrilled to announce the integration of our digital technologies into each other’s platforms. Radioline’s listeners will now be able to access highlights and top audio clips from their favorite stations, thanks to Audioburst’s proprietary segmentation engine that listens to, understands, and indexes radio and podcast content in real-time. In addition, Audioburst is […]

We’ve rounded up our favorite movie review podcasts, that range from in-depth interviews with directors to fast takes on box office hits.

Whether you’re an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri kind of household, we can all agree that it’s pretty great to have a smart assistant within shouting distance. When you’re home, it can help you with a plethora of tasks, from telling you the next step in a complicated recipe to dimming the lights to […]