A primer on voice assistants and the technology behind them   It was early in 2015 and I was at my desk, which happened to be positioned close to the front door of my company’s office in San Francisco’s SoMA district. A courier had just left a stack of Amazon boxes on a nearby table […]

  Audioburst and Flipboard team up to offer audio-only content for users on-the-go   In an era of self-publishing, quality articles and smart, thought-provoking audio are in infinite supply. Though choice sounds like a positive thing, it is often paralyzing. When faced with pages and pages of unfamiliar search results, it’s often just easier to […]

Audioburst is excited to announce new investments and strategic partnerships with Dentsu and Hyundai   Spring is the time of year for new beginnings and growth, and at Audioburst, we are leaning into the season with an announcement of two new strategic and investment partnerships. Today Audioburst is unveiling plans to build unique advertising and in-car […]

It’s news to no one that in 2019, content consumption is at an all-time high. We’re living in an age of dawn to dusk connectivity where it’s extremely difficult not to be distracted by the next news story, viral meme, or cat video. One thing that might be surprising, however, is that even with well-known […]

Audioburst and Blubrry Partner to Bring the Power of Audioburst Creators to the Blubrry Community Last June, Audioburst unveiled a new platform for content creators and radio broadcasters, Audioburst Creators. This platform allows podcasters to instantly get full transcripts of their shows, edit our signature bursts (short-form audio snippets) as they please, take advantage of new monetization and distribution opportunities, […]

The past year was a whirlwind of growth for the voice-first industry. Us here at Audioburst spent 2018 developing meaningful partnerships, data-driven products, and growing our company to meet the needs of a global community.

LGE is the First to Integrate Audioburst Deep Analysis API for Live Audio Streams   After several significant partnership announcements throughout the past twelve months (Harman, Radioline, Top Buzz & News Republic, and Nippon Broadcasting), Audioburst is closing out the year with a bang as we announce our latest product offering, Audioburst Deep Analysis, and […]

A new way to discover audio content, 100% tailored to you   Launched in 2017, Audioburst Search is our search engine for finding, discovering, listening to, and sharing the latest news over audio. Users can search via keyword or topic and tap into our massive, up to the minute library of radio, podcast, and TV […]

This Israeli startup navigates through millions of hours of content from the booming podcast industry Audioburst CEO Amir Hirsh wants to take on the two largest competitors in the smart speaker domain, Google and Amazon, and believes he is building a ‘huge empire’ Irad Atzmon Schmayer on 9.10.2018 in The Marker Sources: https://www.themarker.com/amp/technation/.premium-1.6544259 More and […]

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. From chatbots to autonomous cars to our very own search platform, computers are working hard to help improve everyday life. But how do they do it, exactly? We thought it’d be fun to give you a short primer on how AI aides Audioburst in our mission to […]