6 Creepy Podcasts That Will Keep You up at Night

We’ve rounded up six of our favorite creepy podcasts that cover everything from local horror stories to real-life murder mysteries!

The Best Podcast Events to Attend This Year

The Best Podcast Events to Attend this Year

We’ve collected the top podcast events across the country to attend, whether you’re a podcast fan, an aspiring podcaster, or a veteran in the podcast industry. Mark your calendars!

8 Podcasts about Cryptocurrency You Need in Your Life

We’ve pulled together the top eight cryptocurrency podcasts that will put you on the path to becoming crypto-literate. Listen to the experts weigh in on the newest ‘hot topic’ in the tech investment world!

5 Podcasting Tools You Can’t Live Without

Learn the five tools every podcaster needs to create a great podcast from beginning to end. We’ll help you organize, record, edit, transcribe, and distribute your podcast to the world.

Announcing: Audioburst Search

Changing the way you find the latest news on your favorite topics. We’re thrilled to announce our new product: Audioburst Search. It’s a search engine for finding, discovering, listening to, and sharing the latest news over audio. How does it work? With Audioburst Search, you can access the world’s largest library of live and pre-recorded podcasts and radio […]


Amazon Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot, which one should you buy?

Amazon echo vs dot vs tap - which one to buy

Are you planning to get Amazon Alexa into your life but not sure which device you should buy? We’re here to help with the Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot conflict. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: Audioburst

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26 Amazon Alexa Voice Commands For Every Star Wars Fan

Did you know there are 26 Amazon Alexa easter eggs for Star Wars fans? Get ready for Star Wars: The Last Jedi by chatting it up with Alexa.

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Are We Ready for Connected Cars?

Are We Ready For Connected Cars?

2016 was the year when “smart” homes went mainstream. We got used to living in a world where any device in your house that is connected to electricity can be placed on your home network and operated by voice commands or remote control. Your home automation operates lighting, your home entertainment systems, security, and thermostat. […]


124 Hidden Amazon Alexa Easter Eggs Every Alexa User Should Know [Infographic]

Think you know your Amazon Alexa? Then think again. Here’s a list of 124 hidden Amazon Alexa gems you probably don’t know – and should try, right now!

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How To Build A Smart Home Like Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis (Today)

Mark Zuckerberg Jarvis

Were you wowed by Mark Zuckerberg’s demonstration of his smart home system, Jarvis? Now, you can set it up at your house for under $1,000!

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