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#5: Pro-democracy camp wins landslide in Hong Kong vote   #4: New Jersey hospital gives kidney to wrong transplant patient     #3: Bolivia OK’s new vote to replace Morales, but date not set     #2: The US-China trade war isn’t getting better     #1: Trump likely to reject Democrats’ offer to appear in impeachment inquiry hearings  

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#5: U.S. Supreme Court puts temporary hold on Trump financial records fight   #4: UAW president resigns after GM alleges union leaders took bribes     #3: Lawsuit claims Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers are contaminated by meat   #2: Climate change: Arctic ice could vanish by 2044   #1: Pentagon official indicates Ukraine knew about aid delay far earlier

New details emerge on first day of Trump impeachment inquiry hearing

Audioburst selected as one of the first apps on Google’s Automotive Infotainment System     Psst…drivers, get excited — this announcement is for you! In July 2019, we introduced Audioburst Auto, our initial solution for the Android Auto platform. Chock-full of features like topical playlists, voice control, and even a personal news feed, Audioburst Auto brought […]

Audioburst announces talk-audio integration on Samsung’s Bixby platform   Consumers today are extremely brand-loyal. From phones to clothing to where we shop for groceries, all of us have preferences and tend to stick pretty closely to our trusted brands. A recent study revealed that “39.4% [of consumers] will spend more on a product [from a preferred brand] […]

Audioburst launches Audioburst Auto, bringing real-time talk-audio to the Android Auto platform   If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with the driving experience, it’s audio. From podcasts to the AM/FM dial, drivers love to tune-in while running errands, commuting, and taking road trips. However, right from the beginning, it posed a problem: distracted driving. […]

Tips for distributing and promoting your first podcast   Welcome back to The Burst’s ‘Podcasting A-Z’ series! In the first post of the series, I explained best practices for setting up your podcast for success. Next, we’re going to discuss podcast promotion basics that will help you grow your audience and stand out against the crowd. We’ll be touching […]

The content landscape is a crowded one. But we already know that. As marketers and content creators, it’s our job to help audiences wade through the free-for-all that is today’s internet. We need to rise to the demands of customized experiences to deliver only the most relevant, necessary content. However, ‘what’ is only part of […]

Audioburst unveils Studio, an easy-to-use SaaS platform that brings the best moments from podcasts and talk radio to third-party apps and websites ✨   Audio is experiencing nothing short of a modern-day renaissance. Digital audio listenership is up, podcast popularity is growing exponentially, and more and more consumers are discovering the value of voice assistants and smart […]

Tips for planning, publishing, and branding your first podcast   Here at Audioburst, we feel that podcasting is a great way to share your thoughts, personal experiences, and unique point of view with the world and the American public agrees! 70% of the U.S. population is familiar with the medium and 32% have listened within the […]