The Technology:

Here at Audioburst, it’s our business to be in the know about what is happening in the world around us. Whether it’s the latest news coming out of Washington, last night’s NFL scores, or what crazy thing Kanye West has said now, you can ask Audioburst about it, and our sophisticated AI-powered audio search engine returns real voice results from your favorite radio, television, and podcast personalities.

Providing great content on-demand is a notable achievement in itself, however, what is even more impressive is the technology that allows us to do it.

The Audioburst platform doesn’t just create audio clips. Instead, we use AI and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) to listen to and understand millions of minutes of audio each day. Once the content is understood by the system, we are able to automatically segment and index the audio into ‘bursts’ that are easily searchable. By having a deep, thorough, up to the minute understanding of current events and news gained through the content, Audioburst is then able to listen to the questions that you ask and realize your specific intent. This keeps our search results relevant and makes us one of the most powerful audio search engines currently available.

Think you can stump Audioburst? Try us!

The Challenge:

Announcing the first ever “#AskNewsFeed” Challenge, a fun way to test and improve the prowess of the Audioburst search engine, while giving you the chance to score an Amazon gift card and discover incredible stories and news sources along the way!

  • Using the Audioburst News Feed skill (on Amazon or Google), ask our search engine a question about any topic in World or U.S. news that has been reported by U.S. sources that week.
  • Listen to the ‘bursts’ provided and if none of the results are relevant to your question, send the results to us by saying ‘Gotcha!’
  • At the end of the game period, we will tally up the numbers of those who correctly stumped Audioburst. The user with the most “wins” over our artificial intelligence will receive a prize.

Sound like fun? Then get ready to bring it, because Team Audioburst is a competitive bunch!

The Details:



Registration Opens: October 17, 2018

Game Play: November 1-15, 2018

How to Play

  • Register for the #AskNewsFeed Challenge here.
  • Access Audioburst’s News Feed skill via one of these 4 methods:
  • Ask News Feed questions about current events happening in World or U.S. news that have been covered by U.S. sources*:
    • Ex. ‘Alexa, ask News Feed about the latest on Elon Musk’
    • Ex. ‘Hey Google, what’s the latest on Kim Kardashian?’
      • Note: With Google, you need to enter News Feed before asking your question by saying, ‘Hey Google, talk to Audioburst’
  • Listen to the bursts that News Feed returns. You can skip ahead in the results by saying ‘Next’ or hear a result again by saying, ‘Repeat’. If none of our results are applicable, let us know by saying, ‘Gotcha!’ using the methods below:
    • While in the News Feed skill on Google say: ‘Hey Google,  Feedback, gotcha!’
    • While in the News Feed skill on Alexa say: ‘Alexa, Feedback, gotcha!’
  • Continue asking questions throughout the period of gameplay (November 1 – 15). **


*  Our focus for this challenge is content that is being derived by U.S. sources (Radio/TV Shows and Podcasts based in the U.S.), so in order to be considered a “win”, the question must be something that was covered by U.S. sources during the time period of 11/1/18 – 11/15/18.

** Players must participate by asking News Feed questions on at least five (5) separate days during the round in order to qualify for the challenge.


The winner will receive an Amazon eGift Card in the amount of $100 US*.

Once the challenge is over, we will put out a social media notification that a winner has been chosen. At that time you will need to launch the News Feed skill to find out if you’ve won and get the details on how to claim your prize.

* In the event of a two-way tie, the $100 prize will be split between the two winners, resulting in a $50 US Amazon eGift Card for each person. In the event of a tie involving more than 2 players, the game period will be extended by one week in order to determine the winner.


If you have any questions about this contest, feel free to email us at