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Launched in 2017, Audioburst Search is our search engine for finding, discovering, listening to, and sharing the latest news over audio. Users can search via keyword or topic and tap into our massive, up to the minute library of radio, podcast, and TV audio content. Now, with the introduction of personalized playlists to the platform, you can harness the power of our search engine and truly make the experience your own.

“Our goal at Audioburst has always been to change the way that listeners consume audio. We want to ensure that no matter whenever, whomever, or wherever users are, we’re delivering the most interesting, exciting, and engaging audio content to them at that moment. We believe that the key ingredient to that recipe is personalization. The new personalized playlist feature is going to present a news and talk experience which is much akin to what is available for music apps such as Spotify. Our partnerships with OEMs, content creators, and media companies only strengthen our ability to deliver the ‘whenever, wherever’ portion of our goal,” says Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Audioburst.

Sound good? Then rejoice Audioburst Search lovers, as the experience is live now! Simply head over to http://search.audioburst.com, and select ‘Personalized Playlist’ from the menu in the upper left-hand corner to begin the onboarding experience:



Next, select your favorite topics either from our list, or add custom interests of your own:



Click ‘I’m done’ and you’ll be ready to roll with a personalized playlist, made to order, just for you!



It’s that simple!

Over the past year, users have trusted Audioburst to keep them up to date on everything from politics to sports to celebrity gossip, and we know this is only the beginning. We hope you enjoy our personalized playlist feature and can’t wait to show you what we will come up with next!


Want more? — If you’re a Web or App Developer, check out Audioburst Studio, the code-free way to integrate the Audioburst Personalized Playlist functionality directly into your site or app experience. Get the details at: https://studio-lp.audioburst.com/

The partnership brings Audioburst’s personalized listening experience to the Radioline ecosystem


This summer brought several new and exciting partnerships to Audioburst, and today we’re excited to announce another!

We’re teaming up with Radioline to incorporate our one-of-a-kind AI-based listening and indexing technology into the Radioline experience, which currently boasts more than 70,000 of the top free news, sports, talk, and music radio stations and podcasts from around the world.

For Radioline users, the new in-app experience will include new types of audio content, topical and personalized playlists that learn your interests over time, and an on-demand listening experience based on Audioburst’s famous original voice “bursts.” The new experience is available within the Radioline app in  Google Play and the Apple App Store, as well as within the Radioline website.

“At Radioline, we are passionate about streaming and offering the widest selection of global talk content to our users,” said Xavier Filliol, Chief Operating Officer, Radioline. “With the Audioburst partnership, we’re delivering on our commitment to intelligent recommendation, unmatched search and are excited to give our listeners more of what they love.”

“We’re excited for our partnership with Radioline, which solidifies our intent for international expansion and the mission to bring incredible personalized listening experiences to users around the world,” said Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Audioburst. “This elevates the unique listening experience for users whether in the car or the office, with shortened, hyper-relevant results pertaining to their interests thanks to our advanced AI technology.”

For media inquiries, contact Jaimen Sfetko at: jaimen@audioburst.com

The Collaboration Introduces new AI-Based Listening Experiences to the TopBuzz and News Republic Applications

On the tails of the recent announcement of our exciting partnership with Nippon Broadcasting, we’re proud to announce two additional partnerships that we know will take the media world by storm.

We’re entering partnerships with News Republic and TopBuzz to integrate Audioburst’s massive database of real-voice news and entertainment content into the TopBuzz and News Republic apps. The collaboration is the first foray into audio content for the media brands and introduces an AI-based listening offering to both of their ecosystems.

The new experience, which launches today, provides the TopBuzz and News Republic communities with powerfully-personalized audio clips tailored to their interests — from entertainment, sports, and tech to business and live news content. Powered by its world-recognized AI technology, this strategic partnership allows TopBuzz and News Republic to further their missions to build the future of content discovery and creation, this time through new and unique voices from the Audioburst platform.

“Audioburst’s unique platform allows us to take the best in global audio content and create bite-sized “bursts” relevant to listeners’ interests,” said Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Audioburst,” With these exciting new strategic partnerships with TopBuzz and News Republic, we’re expanding the distribution of incredible audio content to new places with some of the world’s most well-known media platforms and fulfilling the promise to our content partners with new monetization opportunities.”

You can dive into the new TopBuzz and News Republic experiences by downloading their apps from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store:

Top Buzz:

Google Play
Apple App Store

News Republic:

Google Play
Apple App Store


Want to add the Audioburst experience to your site or app? Click here to create your own personalized playlist and integrate it into your experience in less than 10 minutes!

Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and Audioburst join forces to bring the personalized audio experience to the Japanese market


Last week we were able to share some amazing news — we have entered a joint partnership with Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.!

The partnership is focused on supporting and building new voice technology products, for the Japanese market which rely on Audioburst’s AI-based voice search platform. As part of the expanded partnership, Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. has also invested $3M USD as part of Audioburst’s latest funding round led by Samsung Ventures, bringing the round’s total funding to $14.4M USD.

“We are proud to partner with Audioburst and feel that there are countless possibilities using its audio search technology to enable users to discover the appeal not just of radio, but all forms of audio content, in ways they could not previously,” said Masayuki Iwasaki, CEO. “We believe in harnessing the power of Audioburst’s technology to deliver the ultimate listening experience in new, personalized ways.”

“We are excited to partner with the biggest Japanese broadcasting network as part of our global mission to organize the world’s audio content. We chose Japan as our first destination outside of the US, thanks to the great opportunity to collaborate with local automotive and consumer electronics partners,” said Amir Hirsh, Founder and CEO, Audioburst. “This is just the beginning of our international expansion to provide an innovative on-demand listening experience to consumers around the world, where they can get the most relevant content on every device.”



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