Everyone knows that storytelling is the oldest form of an educational aide. Parents and grandparents passed down history and information from one generation to the next. However, through time, the delivery method of these stories changed. From direct word of mouth to books, then onwards to TV, video and beyond.

With so many mediums to choose from, one might stop and ask: Is one method better than another? Might there be benefits for kids focusing on using aural means over video or text alone?

Benefits of Audio

In an article from 2015, The Atlantic discusses why the brain is captivated by audio stories. The article explains that the advantage to audio is that “listening to audio allows people to create their own versions of characters and scenes in the story….unlike looking at a written page, (audio) is more active, since the brain has to process the information at the pace it is played.”

This intense engagement is particularly helpful for kids in the classroom. In a post on KQED.org, Linda Flanagan explored how audiobooks can help kids learn. Teachers and school librarians found that when children have exposure to audio content, it increases vocabulary, improves reading skills and grabs the attention of kids who might otherwise be restless.


Audioburst to the rescue!

Audioburst recognizes the need to interact with children aurally, and we are working to provide a wide selection of children’s programming in our library. Our content consists of an array of podcasts that focus on either interesting facts or storytelling, providing kids audio that is not only educational but fun!

Some of the shows that can be found in the Audioburst library:

All of these shows are lively and guaranteed to keep kids actively engaged whether at home or on the go. Of course, in the words of LeVar Burton, “You don’t have to take my word for it!” Here is a sampling of the type of kid-approved audio Audioburst aims to deliver:


Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about how Audioburst is capturing the imaginations of children and adults alike. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit Audioburst Search for all of your news, sports, and entertainment needs.

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