Amazon echo vs dot vs tap - which one to buy

Are you planning to get Amazon Alexa into your life but not sure which device you should buy? We’re here to help with the Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot conflict.

Ever since the Amazon Echo has launched, it quickly became the most popular connected home device. If the latest CES conference is any indication, it’s just the beginning.

If you’re in the midst of building your connected home, you’d soon find out that your Alexa enabled device will be your main hub.

Why? Probably thanks to its many integrations, growing number of skill,  long list of pre-installed voice commands (and its long list of funny easter eggs).

Assuming you’ve already made your decision between using the new Google Home and Amazon’s devices, there’s only one question that remains – between the Amazon Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot, which one should you buy?

Some difference between devices are subtle, some are major and can change your entire VA experience.

This is why we created this short infographic – comparing the devices based on their most important features.

What’s more important to you? Built-In speakers? Easy invocation? Portability? Pricing? The answers to your questions are right here.

Echo VS. Tap VS. Dot – choose yours

(To enlarge, click here)

Amazon echo vs dot vs tap

Amazon echo vs dot vs tap

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