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Every podcaster wants to know the secret to successfully building an audience. Sometimes virality can be attributed to the star power of a host or the production abilities of a popular podcast network. However, in most cases, podcast success comes down to hard work and a lot of luck! While there’s nothing you can do […]

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Audio from this week’s Tannis On Pods pick, Birdbaths and a Lockbox: Ladies and germs,  It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my hands-down favorite podcast.  Virtual drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁 Ear Hustle! I could sing the praises of this podcast until kingdom come. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, this podcast […]

Podcasts are primarily thought of as an audio-only experience. As a show host, you focus on good audio quality, skillful editing, killer scripts, and interesting guests in hopes that your show will become the next big thing. However, there is more to building an audience than having the right microphone. Promoting a podcast, or any […]

Tannis podcast recommendations

    Audio from this week’s Tannis On Pods pick, ‘This Movie Changed Me’:   This clip is an audio ‘burst,’ created using the Audioburst Creators tool. You can hear the full episode here.       Hello, citizens of the world! Oscars season has come and gone. It certainly wasn’t my favorite year, but there […]

Focus on the Intersection of Voice Technology and the Modern Connected Car Mercedes-Benz, Google, Amazon, and Intel to Present, Among Many Others Voice of the Car Summit, taking place April 7-8, 2020. We Will look at the future of the modern connected car, and how leading automobile brands are integrating voice assistants and associated technology […]

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Hello, my Homo sapien comrades!  Has this election cycle got you down? I feel like I’ve been suffering for an eternity.  Facts, opinions… What’s the difference these days? I may have a degree in conflict resolution, but it seems like I could solve the Kashmir conflict more easily than trying to get a Republican and […]

We’re back from Podcast Movement: Evolutions, and our minds are buzzing with ideas! For those of you who may not know, Podcast Movement conferences are the premier events for podcasters and industry professionals. Podcast Movement: Evolutions focused on some of the main pain points that podcasters are facing today: discoverability, growth, and monetization.     […]

While making a space for yourself in the podcasting world isn’t an easy task, it’s also not impossible. By leveraging your most valuable asset (your podcast!) and the most powerful free marketing channel in today’s world (social media), you can organically grow your audience from the ground up. Ready to get started? This post will […]

Tannis podcast recommendations

Hello fellow humans! My name is Tannis and this is my podcast recommendation blog. What are my qualifications for taking on such a consequential task you ask? Nothing! Welcome to the internet!  Kidding.   via GIPHY   In all seriousness, I am the Content Manager here at Audioburst. We serve up the world’s largest library of talk […]

Audioburst’s Android Automotive OS app included in Google exhibition at CES Google has managed to capture the most news coverage and floor space at CES the past two years and plans to have a large presence again in 2020. While there isn’t a full amusement park sized ride in Las Vegas like in 2019, Android […]